• OPINION: Interstate 5 bridge replacement is an opportunity

    Oregon and Washington state lawmakers: ‘The new I-5 bridge will be future-compatible (and) climate-friendly.’

    When the Interstate 5 Bridge was an idea in its infancy in 1912, prominent Portland businessman J.H. Nolta argued, “We should not build the bridge for today, next week, or next year, but for the next 40 years.”

  • State legislators and the future of transportation

    State legislatures are a key partner in the provision of the transportation systems and services that drive metro area regions and their economies. State governments and their local government partners are responsible for nearly three-quarters of total U.S. expenditures on transportation, and that share has been increasing over time.

  • Rep. Susan McLain receives national honor for her teaching

    The lawmaker worked for decades at Glencoe High School, where she built a successful speech and debate team.

    State Rep. Susan McLain, who enjoyed a decades-long career in education before being elected to the Oregon House of Representatives, was recently inducted into the National High School Hall of Fame.

    The lawmaker and former educator received the honor over the Independence Day weekend, in recognition of her time at Phoenix, Hillsboro and Glencoe high schools.

  • OPINION: Making progress toward replacing Interstate Bridge

    Rep. Susan McLain: We ‘have a responsibility … to be wise stewards of the money that is entrusted to the program.’

    As co-chair of the Interstate 5 Bridge Committee, I have the responsibility of working on a bi-state piece of our transportation system.

    The I-5 bridge connects not just Oregon and Washington but serves as a principal trade route from Canada to Mexico. This vital connection must be updated for resiliency, safety and functionality.