Invest in Strong Schools

As a teacher, Susan knows there is nothing more important than building strong schools for our children. She will fight to find a sustainable funding source for our public schools, so we can restore class sizes and lost school days. Susan also supports expanding vocational and agricultural skills training at Portland Community College and will work to bring classes closer to families in Washington County.

Fight for Working Families

Susan understands that growing small businesses and creating living wage jobs is the key to economic prosperity in Oregon. She saw as her husband struggled with bureaucracy with his small business, and she will continue to work to make Oregon a better place for small businesses like the one he had. She has fought hard to ensure business owners could cut through the red tape, especially during the pandemic, and will continue to work in Salem to ensure businesses have the opportunity to grow and succeed. She will continue to create opportunities for responsible economic development that balances the need for good jobs in high tech and agriculture in order to provide the best for our unique district

Protect Oregon’s Environment and Promote Sustainability

Economic development cannot come at the expense of Oregon’s environment. A lifelong Oregonian, and Vice-Chair of the House Agriculture, Land Use, and Water Committee, Susan knows that part of what makes our state a great place to live is Oregon’s commitment to sustainable development. She will continue to work hard to create economic opportunity while also protecting our farmlands and clean air and water. Susan will continue to be a champion for protecting the resources our farmers, industries, and families need to thrive.

Invest In and Strengthen Oregon’s Infrastructure

As Co-Chair of the Joint Committee on Transportation and Co-Chair of the I-5 Bridge Committee, Susan is a leader on Transportation policy in our state.  She believes in centering the environment, equity, and economics when creating or improving transportation systems.  She has fought for increased public transit and bike-pedestrian facilities and will continue to do so in her co-chair roles.  As Vice-Chair of the Agriculture, Land Use, and Water Committee, Susan also recognizes the importance of our water infrastructure here in Oregon and has a strong record of protecting our water resources for in-stream, agricultural, and community use.

Protect Reproductive Freedoms

Susan is a steadfast pro-choice candidate and has the endorsements of Planned Parenthood and Pro-Choice Oregon. As a mother, grandmother, and Legislator, this is a fundamental right she will always fight for. She believes every single human being should have the freedom to decide if and when they have children, based on what’s best for them and their family’s circumstances. Susan is proud that Oregon has strong protections for reproductive rights. She, and her Pro-Choice colleagues in the State Legislature, will continue to be committed to reproductive freedoms in Oregon, despite legal changes at the Federal level.