Legislative Work

Representative McLain is currently in her fourth term in the State Legislature and serves as Co-Chair of the Joint Committee on Transportation, Co-Chair of the Joint Ways and Means Subcommittee on Education, Co-Chair of the Joint Committee on the Interstate 5 Bridge, Vice-Chair of the House Committee on Agriculture, Land Use, and Water, and is a member of the Joint Committee on Ways and Means.  During the 2022 Interim, when the Legislature is not in Session, Representative McLain serves as a member of the Joint Emergency Board, Co-Chair of the Joint Emergency Board Subcommittee on Education, and Co-Chair of the Joint Committee on Public Education Appropriation.

2021 Legislative Accomplishments

2022 Legislative Accomplishments

Interstate 5 Bridge Replacement Work

Representative McLain at work!

Below are just a few highlights of Committee testimony and Floor speeches given by Representative McLain in the 2021 and 2022 Legislative Sessions.

Senate Bill 551 Floor Speech – Part-Time Faculty Healthcare
In 2021, Representative McLain was a Chief Sponsor of Senate Bill 551, which provides for healthcare to part-time faculty members at Oregon’s colleges and universities.  The bill was successfully passed.

House Bill 4109 Committee Testimony – Newborn Screening
Representative McLain was the Chief Sponsor of House Bill 4109, which did not pass, but would have improved the functionality of the Newborn Screening Advisory Board and ensured that newborn testing in Oregon kept up with scientific advancements so that we could save as many lives as possible.  Representative McLain will be bringing the bill back in the next Legislative Session.

House Bill 4014 Floor Speech – Affordable Housing Study 
Representative McLain strongly supported House Bill 4014, which required a report that put emphasis on the importance of understanding the affordable housing crises that we are facing.

House Bill 2738 Floor Speech – Relating to Court Appointed Special Advocates
Representative McLain spoke in favor of House Bill 2738 which helped improve oversight of the Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) system in Oregon.

Senate Joint Resolution 12 Floor Speech – Healthcare as a Constitutional Right
Representative McLain believes that all Oregonians deserve access to quality and affordable healthcare and was a strong supporter of Senate Joint Resolution 12 which asks Oregon voters to amend the State Constitution to declare healthcare a right.

House Bill 3254 Committee Testimony – Support Services for Students

In 2021, Representative McLain was Chief Sponsor of House Bill 3254, which allocated important funding to educational services in Forest Grove that provide wrap-around services for students.